If you would like to become a sponsor of the Kent State Precision Flight Team, contact George Armann or Jesse Rouse

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who support us. We would not be able to compete and give our members the experience that we do without the help of Kent State University and our sponsors below!

Republic Airways

As one of the top sponsors of NIFA's SAFECON Events, we would like to warmly thank Republic Airways for their support of our team!

BrightLine Bags

For the pilots of the team, we are required to carry a lot of equipment, and BrightLine Bags give us the ability to carry it all!

Special offer for Kent State Pilots/Alumni! Use Coupon Code KSUPFTBLB1718 at BrightLine Bags' website for 10% off your purchase!

1G3 Alumni Association

Bad Attitude LLC

Offering specialized Upset Recovery Training to some of the pilots of the Kent State Precision Flight Team, we would like to thank Bad Attitude LLC for their generous sponsorship of our team! 

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